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I'm BluesmanThough the performance of the musical instrument is not possible, to you of the music lover. Let’s readily taste musician’s feelings. “I’m Bluesman” is a musical instrument of the future.

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“Version:1.02” was open to the public.

* content of VersionUp *


– The tone of the flute was added.


– The performance of BGM ON has been improved.

– The screen rotates in the direction of iPhone/iPod Touch.


★How to play

I'm Bluesman1

This graphic is play screen. The range is allotted by the place. To BGM, please tap it to like a play area. BGM is revitalized when I tap a reproduction button on the left whether I do shaikh of the main body. To stop, the tap does the stop button that appears at the same position(When Hard and God select a degree of difficulty, a position choice area is displayed. You can move a position by a flick. I explain the position at the lower part).

When the finger is spirited while touched the screen, a vibrato effect can be achieved.


I'm Bluesman2

You can select BGM among four kinds.

There are four kinds of difficulties. In proportion to a degree of difficulty, a usable range (16,28,35,49 sound) increases and decreases.

Please select the sound source from the guitar, the piano, or the flute.

You can set indication or non-indication of a grid.

You can set BGM and balance of the performance volume with a guitar, a piano, and a flute separately.

★ For senior

「Sustain button」

When I touched a play area while pushing the rectangular button of the play screen upper part, a sound continues sounding even if I keep a finger away from the area involved in. It is the same effect as the sustain pedal of a piano.

「Bend Up/Down」

When I am in condition not to push sustain button and ruin the main body, a semitone can up. I am restored when I return it.If this is iterated, it becomes an effect similar to the vibrato.

「Arming Play」

When the main body is inclined up while pushing sustain, the sound falls one by one the under. It is possible to lower up to about one octave. The sound stops when I let go of sustain when I withdraw.

「Degree of difficultly and range explanation」

Like a screen shot, sound becomes high, so that it goes to the lower right. The compass which can be used increases as difficulty is increased.

# You can move a position by a flick.

【Easy】16 sound at the maximum. 【Normal】28 sound at the maximum.

I'm Bluesman3 I'm Bluesman4

【Hard】 35 sound at the maximum.

Position choice area to change the octave appears. You can change a range of play Area with three phases.

I'm Bluesman5

【God】 49 sound at the maximum.

The position choice area can change the range of the play area with four phases.

I'm Bluesman6