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CameraDeRoulette_small_icon_2 “CAMERA DE ROULETTE” is electronic roulette that makes arbitrary photograph the pocket of roulette. It is helpful when determining some one thing.

site:2009.09.28 Up

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“Version:1.02″ was open to the public.

* content of Version Up *


– bug fix

– add the function that you can choose a picture when you tap frame.


– Add [wind] mode to operation of the roulette.

– You can choose the number of the photograph among 2,4,8.

– You can choose an image of the roulette among three patterns.

– You can choose on/off of a turn sound of roulette.


For example・・・

Camera De Roulete_rodding

  • Every arrangement in the drinking session and game!
  • To the determination of the menu of tonight!
  • To the determination of today’s dress
  • To the determination of the travel destination!
  • Instead of the die of backgammon.
  • To the determination of a priority matter! ?
  • A punishment game is you!

If even irresolute you borrow the power of roulette, you will be able to decide.

◆Manner of operation

★Screen constitution

There are three kinds of screens in this application. The screen displayed at the time of starting is a “roulette screen”. In addition, there are “a setting screen” and “a photograph capture screen”. If the tap of the button at the top right corner of a screen is carried out, it will change to a “a setting screen”. If the tap of the top left corner button is carried out, it will change to a “a photograph capture screen.”

★Roulette screen

You can perform a turn and a stop of the roulette by a tap and a flick.

★Setting screen


Operation of roulette has rotation and a stop. In a setup of an initial state, a flick (or tap) of a screen will rotate roulette (Of course it stops by momentum if i turn it once).


When you want to start rotation of Roulette, shake the iPhone to right and left. Contrariwise when you want to stop rotation of Roulette, shake the iPhone to back and forth.


When you breathe toward lower right Mike of iPhone, the roulette begins a turn.


You can use all the “touch” “shake” “wind” modes.

★A photograph capture screen


Please tap for number of pocket which I want to stick. Then menu opens.

“Photo Albums” can take in the photograph of Photo Alubms in iPhone and iPod touch.

“Camera Roll” can take in a photograph from Camera Roll in iPhone. Only iPhone is correspondence. It is not displayed in iPod touch.

“Camera” can stick the photograph taken in the place (The taken photograph is not saved at iPhone. Only iPhone is correspondence. It is not displayed in iPod touch.).

“Delete” deletes a photograph arbitrary from the pocket.


When I stuck a photograph in “Photo Albums”, “Camera Roll”, “Camera”, a photograph sticks to a roulette screen(A picture is a case where all the eight pockets are stuck).